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Behavioral Health

Expert Information And Resources To Support The Behavioral Health Community

Bizzell is committed to reducing the impact of substance use and mental illness in communities around the globe. Bizzell public health experts advance prevention and treatment initiatives using data-driven, research-informed solutions that are making a difference in communities. Bizzell researches emerging issues and best practices in mental health services to guide improved policy, practice, and programming. Our team helps to train the current and next generation of providers to improve service delivery and increase treatment capacity in behavioral health care.

Our Work

Over the past 10 years, Bizzell has trained over 15,000 health professionals on best practices for how and when opioid prescription is appropriate for chronic pain. Bizzell has provided technical assistance to health professionals in communities across the United States to increase access to treatment for substance use disorders, particularly for underserved populations, by evaluating care delivery, developing, and disseminating educational materials, and advising on program components to enhance care quality.

Expert Information And Resources To Support The Behavioral Health Community

Our Experts

Bizzell Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide timely insights into current research, trends, and thought leadership in the behavioral health field. Whether the topic is the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders; research on adolescent mental health; or strategies to address opioid use disorders in women; our SMEs bring the information and resources that the behavioral health community needs.


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Introducing The Behavioral Health Advancement Resource Center


The Behavioral Health Advancement Resource Center (BHARC) is a resource to develop and disseminate new ideas, tools, and solutions to critical behavioral health issues including the opioid epidemic, substance use disorders, suicide prevention, and more. A leader in behavioral health initiatives, Bizzell brings together subject matter experts with exceptional experience, as well as commitment to behavioral health solutions. Bizzell SMEs have depth and breadth of expertise across the public health spectrum, including clinical medicine, community health, substance use disorders, mental health, and maternal and child health. The vision and foundation of our company is a commitment to building healthy, secure, connected, and sustainable communities across our nation and around the world.