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Bizzell’s XcelHERate Program Promotes Women Entrepreneurship

In the bustling entrepreneurial landscape of Kenya, a groundbreaking initiative has been established to change the game for women-owned businesses.

Bridging Gaps in Public Health: Bizzell’s Trusted Partnership for Vital Health Programs

For more than a decade, Bizzell US (Bizzell) has contributed to developing a wide range of services across the public health sector, including a broad spectrum of healthcare services…

Leveraging Data Analytics to Reduce Patient Readmissions: Bizzell’s Impact on Healthcare Quality

Hospitals face many unseen challenges in today’s ever-changing medical landscape. Reducing patient readmissions is a critical priority in healthcare…

Transforming Data Through Healthcare: Bizzell’s Analytic Expertise

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, data analytics have a profound impact on transformative and patient-centric care.

Innovative Solutions for Building Economic Inclusion: Bizzell’s Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Global progress, economic inclusion, and entrepreneurship are catalysts that drive transformative change. When not only used as a buzzword, economic inclusion embodies…

Pioneering Innovation in Infectious Disease Surveillance: Bizzell’s Impact on Global Health

As the world grapples with emerging health challenges, the role of robust data collection is pivotal. At its core, infectious disease surveillance can be simplified into a three-pronged framework.

Navigating COVID-19 and Beyond: Bizzell’s Response to Pandemics and Emerging Global Health Challenges

The U.S. faces a surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide as we have returned to the office work, and school. The result? Infection rates are just as high as last year’s around the same time.

Recovery: Breaking the Stigma of Addiction

Deadbeat. Druggie. Drunkard. Hopeless. These words are still part of the stigma associated with the disease of addiction.

Food Safety During Floods or Power Outages

Summer is almost over but there’s still time to gather outdoors for cookouts with friends and family, enjoying delicious food and other fun activities.

Addressing Disparities: Bridging the Gap in Minority Mental Healthcare

In our interconnected world, it is vital to recognize and address the mental health challenges faced by minority communities.

Honoring the Journey: Celebrating PTSD Awareness Month

What is trauma? Trauma is an emotional response to an extremely stressful event(s) like an accident, physical abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, combat, natural disasters, and even global pandemics.

How to Stay Safe on the Road During Summer Travel

Driving is essential to the daily lives of most Americas, offering convenience, freedom, and access to a world of opportunities. However, many drivers ignore their significant responsibility to prioritize safety on the road.