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Corporate Social Impact & Philanthropy

Our Social Impact

Over the past decade, Bizzell has been and remains committed to advancing equality, inclusion, and corporate accountability throughout our internal management structure as well as in our sustainable economic growth vision. These guiding principles help foster a corporate culture of responsibility when investing in our local communities at home, or where our work takes us abroad.

Bizzell remains a corporate leader when it comes to fostering a corporate social impact culture. By empowering our employees with these set of values, Bizzell is making a real-world impact, one day at a time.

Bizzell and its employees’ ability to impact social change is driven by these core tenants:

  • Commitment to an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative workforce
  • Centralized focus on investing in people and their communities
  • Equity, inclusion, and shared prosperity for all employees
  • An emphasis on sustainable corporate investment at home and abroad

Bizzell’s global philanthropic efforts focus on the provision of effective, efficient, timely, and fiscally responsible health, youth, and economic solutions that improve the overall quality of life for people in low, emerging, and middle-income countries.