International Overdose Awareness Day

The Bizzell Group Supports International Overdose Awareness Day

Lanham, MD – The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) – International Overdose Awareness Day is a global event held on August 31st each year and aims to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths. It also acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends remembering those who have met with death or permanent injury because of drug overdose.

Opioid addiction is a problem with far reaching costs to individuals, families, communities, and to society. According to the American Society for Addiction Medicine, drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with 52,404 lethal drug overdoses in 2015.  Opioid addiction is driving this epidemic, with 20,101 overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers, and 12,990 overdose deaths related to heroin in 2015. The government’s annual drug death statistics for 2016 will not be available until the late 2017, but experts predict sharp increases driven by the worsening opioid crisis.

Bizzell’s work includes projects that support the treatment of addiction, drug use, drug misuse, and overdose.  Through the firm’s work with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Bizzell offers workforce competency efforts for pain management and addiction professionals with the development and implementation of multifaceted initiatives and strategies to address opioid use disorder and related conditions.

Bizzell also offers training for medical and other professionals through a 7-hour workshop, Effective Use of Medication Assisted Treatment in an Opioid Dependent Population. The goal of the training is to provide the clinical and administrative staff of opioid treatment programs (OTPs) with up-to-date information and guidance in the treatment of opioid use disorders, including the effective use of the currently approved medications, such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone.

“The devastating role that addiction and substance use disorders play in our society cannot be overstated. If you are not personally affected by alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs containing opiates or other drugs, then I’m certain that you know someone who is. Substance use disorders do not discriminate; no demographic or group is immune or exempt from it. It affects us all.”

Dr. Anton Bizzell, President and CEO

International Overdose Awareness Day will be marked throughout the world with various public events and presentations. In Washington, D.C., Dr. Nzinga Harrison’s lecture Your Community. Your Conversation, will take place at Howard University Hospital Tower Auditorium, 2041 Georgia Ave NW, from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Thursday, August 31st.

Bizzell Earns #137 Spot On Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 List

Bizzell Earns #137 Spot On Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 List

Lanham, Maryland, August 16, 2017 – Demonstrating remarkable growth of 2829.1% over 3 years, today The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) is among the fastest growing companies in the nation. Inc. Magazine today ranked Bizzell #137 on its 36th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment— its independent small and mid-sized businesses. Companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees of the Inc. 5000.

When I started Bizzell in 2010, I did so with the intent of creating a successful private enterprise that would have a significant and positive social impact. I can say, without a doubt, that my team and I have done just that. Our work includes education, energy, health, information technology, mental health, labor, defense, substance use, transportation and international development projects that reflect our commitment to being change agents and providing our clients with excellent, innovative service.  Our work and commitment to excellence is reflective of our awareness of how what we do everyday impacts the lives of everyday Americans. We take pride in knowing that our team of experts and professionals improve the quality of life for so many.”

Dr. Anton Bizzell, President & CEO

The 2017 Inc. 5000, unveiled online at and with the top 500 companies featured in the September issue of Inc. (available on newsstands August 16) is the most competitive crop in the list’s history. The average company on the list achieved a mind-boggling three-year average growth of 481%. The Inc. 5000’s aggregate revenue is $206 billion, and the companies on the list collectively generated 619,500 jobs over the past three years.

“We are proud to be supporting some of the Federal government’s most important and timely programs. Our work providing technical assistance to opioid treatment programs across the country is dear to my heart. This unfortunate substance use crisis has claimed far too many lives. I am extremely proud of our team of experts who have developed impactful and creative approaches to addressing this national crisis”, says Dr. Bizzell.


Lee Hayes


Bizzell Group: Addressing Suicide Prevention

Bizzell Group: Addressing Suicide Prevention

The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing and assisting in substantive public discourse around suicide and suicide prevention. Through various contracts, Bizzell works with organizations, Federal clients, non-profits and partners to make an impact with the hope of reducing suicide rates across the country. Some of Bizzell’s work in the area of suicide prevention includes: American Indian and Alaskan Native suicide, military suicide and Arctic region suicide.

The American Indian/Alaskan Native communities have strikingly higher rates of suicides than the overall population in the U.S. The Indian Health Service identifies suicides as the second leading cause of death among AI/AN youth (5 and 24 years old). These AI/AN adolescents are also at greater risk for suicide contagion and suicide clusters, which can be particularly devastating for the often close-knit and rural AI/AN communities. Bizzell examined the research on suicide clusters and contagion in general and within AI/AN communities.

In addition to researching rates of suicide among American Indian/Alaskan Native populations, Bizzell has supported suicide prevention efforts among Veteran and Service member populations. According to a recent study by the Department of Veterans Affairs, roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide. Researchers concluded that veterans are at a 21 percent higher risk for suicide than civilian populations. In 2014, the latest year available, more than 7,400 veterans took their own lives, accounting for 18 percent of all suicides in America. Veterans make up less than 9 percent of the U.S. population. Military suicide also has a significant impact on the family members left behind. The University of Southern California found “that military connected adolescents have a higher rate of suicidal thoughts than their civilian counterparts, and other studies indicate that military spouses— particularly those serving as caregivers to support their wounded veterans—are more at risk to suffer mental health problems.” The untold costs of military service on family members is difficult to measure. The National Military Family Association, a nonprofit that serves a quarter of a million military relatives, reported “hearing about an increasing number of stories about family members killing themselves.”

Bizzell recognizes that high suicide rates are not limited to American Indian/Alaskan Native populations or military communities; suicide rates in the Arctic are among the highest in the world. Historically, indigenous people in circumpolar regions had very low rates of death by suicide. However, there is currently no other region that suicide has had such a strong impact and social burden on than in indigenous populations—specifically those in circumpolar regions. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that suicide accounts for roughly 800,000 deaths per year worldwide—although rates differ within countries according to geography,gender, ethnicity and cultural variables. Greenland and the arctic regions of the United States, Canada and Russia have considerably higher suicide rates than the non-Arctic Regions, and where data is available by ethnicity (Alaska, Canada and Russia), the increased risk of suicide in indigenous communities is evident. Bizzell is assisting RISING SUN, an initiative under the U.S. chairmanship of the Arctic Council that is designated to identify a toolkit of common outcomes to be used in evaluating suicide prevention efforts to assess the key correlates associated with suicide prevention intervention across Arctic states. The goal is to generate shared knowledge that will aid health workers in better serving circumpolar communities, and help policymakers measure progress, evaluate interventions, and identify regional and cultural challenges to implementation.

Bizzell Partners with NCMA to Support Quest Communities Veterans Project

Bizzell Partners with NCMA to Support Quest Communities Veterans Project

On April 21st, at the Crystal Lake Golf and Country Club, The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) placed 1st at the 3rd Annual National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Atlanta Golf Invitational. The golf tournament is the largest NCMA event hosted in Atlanta.

Bizzell’s Atlanta based Senior Associate, Lisa Black, serves as the Community Outreach Chair of the NCMA, Atlanta Region. As a growing business committed to deepening our impact, our community outreach work with NCMA aims to support and assist underserved communities in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Bizzell partnered with NCMA on this event by sponsoring one hole and providing volunteer support for the event. A portion of this year’s event proceeds will be donated to Quest Communities, Quest Vets Project — which has provided housing assistance to more than 4,000 displaced and or homeless veterans.

Bizzell is excited to have placed 1st in the tournament; but most thrilled to have a sustained partnership with NCMA to support military veterans and other underserved communities in the Atlanta metro. In the coming months, The Bizzell Group will again partner with NCMA to support the Mary Hall Freedom House – a residential treatment center for substance abuse which serves women and children.