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31 May: World No Tobacco Day

Every year on May 31st, The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners mark World No Tobacco Day (WNTD).  World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) highlights the health and other risks associated with tobacco use and advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. WNTD focuses on the impact tobacco use has on the cardiovascular health and how…

Cancer Drugs

16 Apr: National Cancer Control Month

National Cancer Control Month is an annual campaign to call attention to cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and research into its causes and treatment. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease. An estimated 600,000 Americans will die…


28 Mar: 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health

Project Director Jenny Twesten traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to represent the National Cancer Institute’s Tobacco Control Research Branch at WCTOH held March 6-9, 2018. This international conference drew participants from around the world, with a particularly strong presence from those across Africa, an…