Maternal & Child Health Services

At BHARC, we are accelerating advancements in behavioral health, working with clients and agencies to prioritize prevention. Our expertise includes the following areas:

Substance Use

BHARC’s team of public health experts—seasoned physicians, pharmacists, nurses, public health specialists, and educators—has collaborated with a diverse range of partners and stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to minimize the impact of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) in our communities. Our subject matter experts have created and led prevention and treatment initiatives, education and training, and integrated strategies for addressing barriers to preventing and treating opioid use disorders (OUDs) and other SUDs.
BHARC is committed to data-driven, research-informed, innovative solutions to address the current opioid epidemic as well as the other substance use disorders that are continuing to effect individuals, families, and businesses. From providing support to the business community with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation initiative, to developing strategic communications with federal clients to disseminate research and best practices on SUD treatment, to working with community stakeholders to implement policies that improve access to care, we lead partnerships to help build drug-free communities and ultimately save lives.

Mental Health

BHARC is on the forefront of integrated mental health services that improve outcomes for individuals and communities. BHARC has conducted in-depth research, analysis, and dissemination of reports on evidence-based practices to support individuals with mental health conditions and substance use disorders, which included literature reviews, environmental scans, qualitative interviews, analytics, and writing. BHARC developed and provided training and technical assistance to providers across the country to enhance knowledge and delivery of treatment for substance use disorders.
BHARC’s leadership in mental health includes subject matter expertise in depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, serious mental illness, co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, integration of behavioral health into primary care, mental health parity, technology-based strategies for treatment, and evidence-based practices across the spectrum of mental health.

Vulnerable Populations

BHARC’s team of public health professionals, scientists, and researchers have extensive experience in sustainability and capacity building, program management, quality assurance and improvement, and network development and growth. Our expertise includes working with vulnerable populations and racially and culturally diverse audiences on issues including substance abuse, domestic violence, and other co-occurring disorders. We have experience successfully reaching and training providers who serve vulnerable populations, understand the clinical realities facing programs serving vulnerable populations, and can create compelling products that engage our various audiences.


BHARC’s public health experts have provided training, technical assistance and product development to increase the capacity of programs to implement and disseminate HIV/AIDS prevention strategies and services for various populations including survivors of domestic violence. Our team has the expertise to develop training’s and resources that can be easily adapted for various participants, target the skill level of the audience, and are culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target audience.


BHARC’s public health researchers and communications professionals partner with federal clients to extend their capacity to lead and collaborate on research and to disseminate evidence-based findings to prevent, treat, and control tobacco use.  Our experts provide data analysis and literature review expertise to improve understanding of the state-of-the-science of tobacco control research. We facilitate broader adoption of tobacco control research through varied dissemination strategies that include targeted communications products, in person and virtual conferences and workshops and work groups that foster knowledge exchange and adoption.


BHARC behavioral health and communications experts employ comprehensive, evidence-based, and effective communications and outreach strategies to develop and disseminate clear messaging about suicide prevention for public, professional, and military audiences. BHARC has developed national-level, high impact suicide prevention outreach events and campaigns that reach a global audience. Our communications experts have created an extensive portfolio of outreach materials and resources that promote suicide awareness and help-seeking behaviors, including branded print and digital materials, national public service announcements, and social media strategies that drive growth across all platforms. Our public health experts have conducted suicide prevention policy and data analysis and collaborated with policy experts to develop data-driven, public health focused recommendations and approaches for prevention.