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Lanham, MD

4500 Forbes Blvd,
Suite 400
Lanham, Maryland 20706
Office: +1-301-459-0100

Rockville, MD

2275 Research Blvd,
Suite 540
Atlanta, Georgia 20850
Office: +1 301-495-0100

Atlanta, GA

2200 Century Center Pkwy,
Suite 975
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
Office: +1-678-510-7849

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Partnering With Us: Bizzell is seeking to partner with both experienced large and qualified small businesses, either as the prime contractor or as a subcontractor, to mutually expand business opportunities.

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The Bizzell Group is a management consulting firm working with federal, state, and local governments and public and private organizations. Our experts provide innovative solutions to build healthy, secure and sustainable communities in our nation and around the world.