Bizzell Chairman and CEO Helps Strengthen His Home Community in New Bern and Beyond

In a recent article from the Sun Journal, Bizzell Chairman and CEO Anton C. Bizzell, MD attributes his journey from delivering newspapers in downtown New Bern, North Carolina, to becoming a global entrepreneur.


  • Dr. Bizzell’s journey from childhood experiences in New Bern, North Carolina, greatly shaped his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community investment.
  • Mentored by various individuals and influenced by early entrepreneurial endeavors, his drive for both medicine and business converged.
  • After pursuing education in biology and medicine, his involvement with national health institutions planted the seed for the Bizzell Group. Starting from humble beginnings in his basement, the company has now grown to over 600 employees across 20 countries, focusing on public health, youth and women’s empowerment, and economic development.
  • Dr. Bizzell’s dedication to his hometown is evident in his commitment to supporting local organizations, such as Lyfe Three, with a $30,000 pledge over three years. The nonprofit aims to empower youth in New Bern by offering educational programs and transportation assistance.
  • Beyond New Bern, the Bizzell Group collaborates on initiatives addressing military suicide prevention and community development, extending their reach globally to places like Nigeria.
  • Dr. Bizzell emphasizes the significance of investing in communities worldwide, aligning the Bizzell’s mission with creating positive social impacts through various initiatives, including public health strengthening and empowerment programs.