Empowering New Bern’s Future: Dr. Anton C. Bizzell’s Philanthropic Commitment

In the heart of New Bern, a city pulsating with community spirit and unwavering support, a recent partnership ceremony ignited a beacon of hope for the youth, courtesy of Anton C. Bizzell, Chairman and CEO of Bizzell. This alliance marked a pivotal moment as Dr. Bizzell stood alongside Lyfe Three, a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of New Bern’s young minds.

The event was more than a ceremonial gesture; it was a testament to Dr. Bizzell’s profound connection to his roots. With a $30,000 donation to Lyfe Three, he solidified his commitment to the education and empowerment of the city’s youth. The heartfelt expressions of gratitude from Lyfe Three’s leaders, Tammie Dean and Fonsetta Brown, echoed throughout the community, resonating with the values of unity and progress.

Pictured: Anton C. Bizzell, Alderwoman Hazel Royal, Ward II, Mayor Jeffrey Odham, & Tammie Dean, Lyfe Three Director

Pictured: Anton C. Bizzell, Alderwoman Hazel Royal, Ward II, Mayor Jeffrey Odham, & Tammie Dean, Lyfe Three Director

Dr. Bizzell’s journey traces back to his early days as a newspaper delivery boy in the vibrant community of James City, New Bern. Those formative years bestowed upon him invaluable wisdom, teaching him that knowledge transcends boundaries and that profound insights can emerge from unexpected sources. This donation to Lyfe Three isn’t just a philanthropic act; it’s a reflection of these foundational values deeply ingrained within him.

New Bern isn’t merely a location on a map; it’s a tightly-knit community where Dr. Bizzell’s decision to support Lyfe Three speaks volumes about his personal commitment to the welfare and success of local youth. This generous contribution isn’t solely monetary; it’s an investment in programs fostering academic excellence, artistic exploration, and skill development, laying the groundwork for the city’s future leaders.

The support for Lyfe Three mirrors Dr. Bizzell’s recognition of the pivotal role education, expression, and cultural enrichment play in shaping young individuals. By aligning with Lyfe Three’s mission to pave pathways for disadvantaged youth, Dr. Bizzell reaffirms the belief that every individual, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to grow, excel academically, and explore their potential.

This philanthropic endeavor isn’t just a one-time contribution; it’s a reflection of enduring values and a commitment to uplifting the community that shaped Dr. Bizzell’s journey. It’s a torchbearer illuminating the path for New Bern’s youth, guiding them toward a future brimming with possibilities and opportunities.

As Dr. Anton C. Bizzell continues to champion the cause of education, empowerment, and inclusivity, his actions echo the principles of diligence, community support, and the unwavering belief that investing in youth today cultivates a thriving society tomorrow. Through this partnership with Lyfe Three, the legacy of empowerment and opportunity is etched into the vibrant fabric of New Bern, illuminating the way forward for generations to come.

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