December 2020 BHARC Insights – “Policing: De-Escalating Mental Health Crisis” is Now Available Online

December 7, 2020 (Lanham, MD) – In recent months and years, national news and social media have documented multiple instances of police officers using excessive force or fatally injuring civilians, including individuals with mental health problems. Published by the Behavioral Health Advancement Resource Center (BHARC), this inaugural December 2020 Behavioral Health Spotlight offers insights and commentary to Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs.

CIT Programs teach police officers how to respond to a person experiencing mental health crisis and de-escalating the situation. It is designed to be a community-based partnership with law enforcement, mental health professionals, peer support specialists, mental health advocates, and positive community supports. “This article illustrates that CIT community partnerships can be a positive component of a response to mental health crises—ultimately saving lives and strengthening law enforcement relations within communities,” said Anton C. Bizzell, MD, BHARC advisor and CEO of The Bizzell Group (Bizzell). BHARC is funded by Bizzell.

The BHARC Behavioral Health Spotlight is a thought leadership series highlighting various behavioral health topics that impact communities across the United States and abroad. “Policing: De-escalating Mental Health Crises” was written by Mim Landry, a BHARC Advisory Council Substance Use and Mental Health Expert. The article describes the CIT goals and core elements and includes a review and commentary of recent literature as an evidenced-based framework in helping individuals who experience behavioral health crisis.



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