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The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) has deep experience and a long-standing record of providing service, staff, and expertise to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Bizzell recognizes the crucial role that energy and energy resources play in shaping the American and global economy.

Bizzell Group Energy Services

Bizzell is proud to partner with the Department of Energy. Bizzell continues to support DOE in a range of capacities by filling critical staffing needs, offering a thorough analysis of programs, providing expert financial management services, and implementing innovative communication strategies that are vital to the mission of DOE.

Our support services include:

  • Administrative & Management Services
  • Environmental Law & Policy
  • Financial Management
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Federal Register Support
  • Safety & Health

Energy Services Highlights


Within DOE’s Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) Team, Bizzell provides a senior communications specialist who is responsible for innovative messaging that furthers stakeholders’ understanding of the HRSD project.

The senior communications specialist creates and maintains an online presence for the HRSD project, capitalizing on existing technologies.

The specialist also develops and executes the short-term vision for the HRSD project’s communications strategy and assists with strategic communication requirements for the HRSD project manager and Core Team, including developing presentations, formulating talking points, and professional writing.

Safety & Health

For the DOE’s Occupational Health & Safety support services, Bizzell provides expert staff to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, control, and prevent hazards that may result in injury or illness, or that may affect the well-being of DOE’s federal and contract employees.

The industrial hygienist provides on-site safety and health support to the Headquarters Safety, Health and Security Group within the Office of Administration at the Department of Energy Headquarters buildings.

This includes responding to emergency situations, conducting accident investigations, reviewing existing documents, writing safety and health guides and standard operating procedures, and conducting preliminary safety and health investigations in response to complaints.

Law Librarian

Under the Office of the General Counsel, Bizzell provides a law librarian who performs a variety of technical functions including cataloging legal materials, analyzing library operating practices and procedures, conducting searches that require data collection and organization and developing narrative reports, charts, tables graphs, and various statistical reports.

The law librarian serves as liaison between the library and vendors of hardware and software, evaluating actual versus stated capabilities, and develops effective applications for library requirements.

The librarian also develops and designs training programs and manages other special projects as needed.

Federal Register Support 

Bizzell’s Federal Register specialist at DOE conducts training, performs legal research, submits documents and materials, drafts legal correspondence, and provides overall assistance to the program counsel and related offices and agencies.

The specialist drafts and reviews federal agency regulations and reviews evaluates, edits, and revise notices of proposed rulemakings, final rules, and all other documents that DOE prepares to publish in the Federal Register.

Financial Mangement

Supporting the Office of Chief of Human Capital Officer, Bizzell’s budget analyst provides support in budget execution for the Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) initiative.

The budget analyst conducts reconciliations of fiscal year funding; assists with monitoring and revising spending plans, adjusting allocations to revise budget controls, preparing funding memos, and managing the day-to-day budget process; assists in preparing, reviewing, and updating various budget tables and budget back-up material; and assists in preparing, reviewing, and updating budgetary information presented in various PowerPoint slides in preparation for senior management briefings.

Management Support

For the Office of Chief Human Capital Officer, Bizzell provides a project coordinator who is responsible for administrative assistance and clerical support to the HR Service Delivery Team.

The project coordinator contributes to the data analysis and planning necessary to execute the HRSD Initiative; provides analytical support to the Core Team in helping the document the “As-Is” state of the current HR servicing model, and contributes to the analysis of evaluation criteria necessary to transition to the “To-Be” HR service model.

Bizzell also provides a project scheduler/analyst who supports the Core Team by developing, tracking and maintaining the HR Service Delivery (HRSD) implementation project schedule.

The project scheduler serves as the day-to-day manager of the project schedule.

Administrative Support

Supporting the Offices of the General Counsel and the Chief Human Capital Officer, Bizzell’s general clerks perform support service duties, including administrative, secretarial, and clerical duties.

The general clerks manage incoming calls, maintain records of calls and visits, and follow up personally on proposed actions arising from such calls and visits, as necessary.  The general clerks help develop office procedures for handling various types of correspondence and assist in the proper handling of congressional, White House, and DOE action/information mail, and inform other secretarial and staff members of the handling of these matters, when necessary.

The general clerks coordinate arrangement for meetings and conferences by assisting attendees, addressing space requirements, and preparing agendas.

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