Job Corps Outreach, Admissions, Management and Oversight

Department of Labor: Office of Job Corps


The Bizzell Group (Bizzell) proudly supports the mission and work of the National Office of Job Corps (NOJC) and is deeply passionate about and committed to supporting the efforts of Job Corps to provide comprehensive education, training, and work-based learning and job placement opportunities for students at 125 centers across the nation.

Job Corps Outreach, Admissions, Management & Oversight

Our staff has over 40 years of direct Job Corps experience at the center level and within the national office.

In our capacity as a NOJC partner, Bizzell provides continuing technical assistance across multiple areas of functionality to the Division of Regional Operations and Program Integrity. Bizzell has leveraged the strengths of its team members to accomplish a diverse array of tasks.  The team provides data-rich analysis of both historical and current trending issues through a series of assessment instruments, and provides NOJC with comprehensive recommendations for continued program improvement.

Bizzell partnered with NOJC on its “Pre-Enrollment and On-Center Student Supports” (PEOCSS) initiative whereby Bizzell developed strategies and approaches to improve student outcomes beginning in the pre-enrollment phase and continuing throughout students’ stay on-center. Bizzell assisted NOJC in researching and planning the implementation and management of new tools and resources to address three distinct, but inter-related work areas that focus on student service:

  1. Pre-enrollment (Outreach and Admissions),
  2. Tools for low-level learners (aspirant learners), and
  3. Structured evening studies.

In all areas of the project, Bizzell worked in close coordination with NOJC and other NOJC support contractors to meet project objectives and manage outcomes. Bizzell acted as a contributing change agent within Job Corps’ modernization efforts.

Bizzell is currently partnering with the National and Regional Offices of Job Corps to pilot a mentoring program with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., which will initially provide increased developmental support for students at the Potomac, Woodland, and Woodstock Job Corps Centers. After the mentoring program is piloted, evaluated and deemed successful, a national rollout plan will be developed and implemented.  Bizzell’s CEO and several senior management associates are active members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and were heavily involved in the development of this partnership.

Bizzell and NOJC agree that developing mentoring partnerships to increase student support builds social capital for students and provides them with opportunities to learn about real-life and work expectations. Bizzell recognizes that the culture of today’s workforce and industries necessitate further development of students’ soft skills, including life skills and interpersonal skills, which will help to ensure that they maximize their potential for career placement and sustainability.

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